Everything You Need to Know About ATL Advertising

There are two ways during which marketers conduct promotional activities. They either advertise the product for the market as an entire or they create a focused communication for a selected customer group. Today, these marketing strategies make up two distinct categories – Above the road (ATL)

Above the Line (ATL) advertising

ATL strategies focus at directing the communication towards the mass market. All promotional messages are untargeted, meaning they are doing not specialize in a selected target group. The idea behind this is often to tell customers about businesses that can help and about the supply of the merchandise. Marketers seek to encourage customers to go to stores and actively seek the merchandise . These strategies help companies reach a bigger audience and make brand visibility.

Implementing ATL activities:

  • Television: Advertising campaigns directed at the regional or national level
  • Print media: Promotional messages in newspapers, online articles, and advertisements
  • Radio: Pan-country or pan-city radio broadcasts

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