BTL activities are creating a buzz in the current scenario and are blooming with full potential, delivering excellent results. Digitalization has taken a troll all over the world and marketers are researching more innovative ways to promote their brand while connecting and engage their audiences.

Ever since experiential marketing solutions came into existence, BTL activities have completely taken over the traditional form of marketing. Below the line activations create a niche for a brand while allowing it to connect with audiences.

Marketing trends keep on changing with times, to gain the desired goals, marketers must be well versed with the latest digital forms of marketing that will help a brand to gain a much-desired hike.

Artavia provide to our client’s statistics based on their budget spending and the feedback they receive using the BTL campaign. It helps them measure the return on their investment and to use this information for their business profitability.

BTL activities are more focused and that are directed towards specific groups of consumers. They are highly targeted, with advertisements being created keeping in mind the demographic and psychographic characteristics of particular customer segments, check over on-site The communication is very personalized and therefore the objective is to realize conversions.

Implementing BTL activities:

  • Outdoor advertisements: Billboards, fliers, banners, sandwich boards, and so on
  • Direct marketing: SMS, emails, social media posts, pamphlets
  • Sponsorship: Events, competition
  • Public Relations: Press conferences, viral marketing
  • In-store promotion: Visual merchandising, retailer pop-ups, sampling, sales promotions

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